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- OrganizeME is compatible with ANY OS, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Me- OrganizeME contains built-in file management tools. You can use it as a file manager, you can choose to organize your files by folder-hierarchy, type, date, size etc. It is both, a file manager and organizer. Also you can mark some files to be excluded from the sorting. That way you will always see the organized files on top.- OrganizeME has two independent windows, 1 is a calendar, the other one is a "next" window. The "next" window has a list of different scheduled events which match the first calendar window. The left side contains a single item, which has every field in it. The right side shows different items. By clicking on one, the right window will be updated to show all the different events associated with it.- Another independent window is used to change the color of the background. There are four different colors to choose from, which you can easily switch by just clicking on the button and choosing a new color.- OrganizeMe includes a contact manager, which allows you to store both telephone numbers and e-mails. It is possible to set a reminder for each contact which can remind you about an event you have scheduled, launch a file you have scheduled or just put all of them together to a list of reminders. You also can create a checklist. You can even create notes for each item in the checklist. It keeps the whole data in a database, making it possible to search for any item of your database. All your data is kept safely in your computer's memory and is not to be sent to the Internet, so you are safe.- You can also edit your contacts by creating new and deleting old contacts. You can manage them easily by sorting the contacts by various criteria. It even supports the option to send an invitation for any specified contact.- OrganizeMe is also a useful application, as you might guess from its name. You can use it to sort and organize any of your files and extract any of them easily from it.- Finally, OrganizeMe is a very powerful application as it includes/provides a calendar, which is useful to be used in conjunction with the reminders. You can be notified about the birthdays of your friends and relatives by reminding about their birthday. It supports the two most used formats of calendar, the Windows-calendar and the iCal-cal 08929e5ed8

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